Volunteer Application


All parent and community volunteers must complete an application and be cleared of tuberculosis (TB) before volunteering at EBS. According to state law, all staff and volunteers must have clearance from tuberculosis on record.

Our school district does not provide TB tests and clearances. Volunteers must have the TB skin test administered on their own at the medical provider of their choice. Tests must be read in 48-72 hours of being administered. A positive test requires medical follow up. A positive test does not indicate TB disease, but only that you have been exposed to TB at some time.

Volunteers must provide the school with the TB test report which must include: date administered, date read, signature of provider, and mm reading. The clearance is good for four years.
It is important that you download the PDF application found on this page.

There are two documents found on the PDF:
1) The School Volunteer Application.
2) The Volunteer Code of Conduct.

Please fill out the application and agree to the Code of Conduct. Turn in the School Volunteer Application and your TB test results to Ms. Dee in the nurse’s office before you begin volunteering for the Character Education Program. A new School Volunteer Application must be filled out and turned in for each school year.

Once the Volunteer Application and TB test results have been received and processed, you will be put on the list of Cleared Volunteers which is maintained by the front office. It is your responsibility to check with the front office staff to make sure you are on the list. Once you are on the list of Cleared Volunteers, you are ready to start!

Parent and community volunteers must sign in at the office and pick up a volunteer or visitor badge before entering the school. All volunteers must sign out each day in the sheet provided in the office.

Ready to participate in this very rewarding program?

Download the PDF!